“Bruce Arlen Wasserman can scrunch up an instant and then spread it out with so many different textures and truths that you will want him to do it again.” Thomas Elder, author of Sonnets Volume 1

“Like the “love expressed through generations of arms intertwined,” Bruce Wasserman’s poems spiral around us, drawing us in, comforting us. His superb lyrics create “teetering moments” which combine to build a brave and beautiful meditation on love.  At times playful yet meaningful, questioning yet insightful, plain yet nuanced these poems will fill you to the brim. Enjoy.” Ben Ward, Founder NoCo Writers

“With vivid imagery and quiet emotion, this compelling collection made me want to curl up and read by a fire while storms rage outside.” J.A. Campbell Author of Senior Year Bites

“Wasserman writes with an imagery and poignancy that captures us in his moments.” Christopher Cervelloni, Blue Square Writer

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