Poetry Reading in Fort Collins, Colorado

I read a selection of poems from my manuscript, A Cowboy Who’s in Love, at Matter Bookstore in Fort Collins, Colorado on May 19th.

The poems I shared were selections of free verse from the book’s collection. The first, “Home, the Place Where My Heart is Found”, deals with the vastness of nature and the hardships of cowboy life in the isolation of the Northern Rockies contrasted with the stolen, sweet nature of love and the loving place that’s home.

The second poem I read, “The Perfume of Your Soul”, takes a cowboy’s point of view of love as he drifts in and out of dreams of his true love. The power of love is expressed in the poem as the power to transform complacency into wonder.

The final selection from the manuscript was “Tracks Through the Snow”, which travels a wilderness journey by comparing it to a journey through life, with all the challenges it presents. Ending with a firm resonance of hope, the poem revels delight in the destination, landing within the arms of true and lasting love.

It was a great crowd and the selection of poems shared by other authors was diverse and engaging. The manuscript for A Cowboy Who’s in Love alternates traditional rhyming cowboy storytelling with free verse, and is divided into four sections. I have completed the editing phase and the book is now in the query stage.


About Brucearlenwasserman

Bruce Arlen Wasserman assembled his first poetry manuscript at the age of seventeen and farmed and worked as a blacksmith in his twenties. He received a BA in Mass Communications from Winona State University and is enrolled in Vermont College of Fine Arts’ MFA in Writing program. His literary career has spanned work in news and periodicals, as a freelancer and an editor of professional journals. His publications include three poetry chapbooks and a recent poetry collection, An Undiscovered Country (Horace Simerman Literary Press, 2011). Beyond poetry and a current novel in the works, Bruce is a reviewer for the New York Journal of Books, creates visual art as a potter, performs as a musician in a band, trains horses near Yellowstone National Park and is a full time dentist in clinical practice.
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