June Fort Collins Poetry Slam

I read for the Poetry Slam on June 3rd, held at the Bean Cycle and sponsored by the Matter Bookstore in Fort Collins, Colorado. The slam, a packed to the edges of the can event, featured ten poets sharing some amazing work.

My poem, “The Meaning of Life” presented a deep look at society’s shallow take on living, delving into our culture’s broken promises and slanted point of view and contrasting those things with being guided by heart, instead of others’ expectations. The poem offers a view of acceptance and love and emerges with the realization that living from the heart is the basis for having a genuine and connected life. The poem is a part of my new collection, Fallings from Heaven.

I wrote the poem last fall in a coffee shop in Solana Beach, California, with pen and paper and a very deep sense of wonder and observation of the amazing buzz in that environment. I see it as a full circle expression of where bravery will take us if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and jump… finding out we can indeed fly, despite our frailties and past failures.

At the slam, I was very impressed with the work of an emerging poet, William Stanford, from Portland, Oregon. His poems offer a good use of imagery and speak deeply from his heart. He is an young poet to watch.


About Brucearlenwasserman

Bruce Arlen Wasserman assembled his first poetry manuscript at the age of seventeen and farmed and worked as a blacksmith in his twenties. He received a BA in Mass Communications from Winona State University and is enrolled in Vermont College of Fine Arts’ MFA in Writing program. His literary career has spanned work in news and periodicals, as a freelancer and an editor of professional journals. His publications include three poetry chapbooks and a recent poetry collection, An Undiscovered Country (Horace Simerman Literary Press, 2011). Beyond poetry and a current novel in the works, Bruce is a reviewer for the New York Journal of Books, creates visual art as a potter, performs as a musician in a band, trains horses near Yellowstone National Park and is a full time dentist in clinical practice.
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