Come hear Bruce Arlen Wasserman, Jack Martin and William Stanford, three of the Front Range’s Premier Poets, as they recite new works and old favorites in Loveland, Colorado at the popular Mandolin Cafe on 4th Street, and for a special treat, hear Denver’s highly acclaimed Singer Bev Barber, all while benefitting the work of Angel House, a non-profit providing shelter and much more for homeless families in Loveland.

Tonight, August 27th at 7:00 p.m. Superb refreshments, comfortable seating and Author Book Signings fill in the corners of this premier fundraiser for the homeless families served by Angel House.

Tickets are available by phone or at the door. Call the Mandolin Cafe at 970.667.4703 for tickets. A full 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to support the work of Angel House, a 501 C-3 charity. Phone donations for those unable to attend may also be made at this number.

Click HERE to see a Poster of 3 POETS FOR A CAUSE

About Bruce Arlen Wasserman

Bruce Arlen Wasserman assembled his first poetry manuscript with a typewriter on the kitchen table when he was seventeen, farmed and worked as a blacksmith, drove a tractor-trailer in college, edited professional journals, wrote as a freelance journalist and is a dentist. He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, was a semi-finalist for the Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers, a semi-finalist for the Proverse Prize and won the Anna Davidson Rosenberg 2019 Poetry Award. He writes poetry and fiction. His book, THE BROKEN NIGHT, was published by Finishing Line Press in July, 2022. Bruce received an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is a literary critic for the New York Journal of Books. His writing has been published in the Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology, The Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, The River Heron Review, Kindred Literary Magazine, the Broad River Review, Cathexis Northwest Press, High Shelf Literary Magazine, Wild Roof Journal and the Washington Independent Review of Books. Beyond writing, he creates visual art as a potter at Bruce Arlen Wasserman Studio, where he draws from the reservoir of poetry and his experience in working iron and wood, correlating a continued exploration of language, function and esoteric form.
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