An Undiscovered Country, a new and provocative collection of free verse exploring the nature of love, is now available on and Barnes and as well as through independent booksellers.

The collection transports readers through a portal of experience into an exploration of each stage of this most challenging but rewarding expression of the human condition. Viewing love’s unfolding in sections defined by concepts in French, it reaches within language to capture the essence of love’s experience.

Readers are guided through the body of this collection of poems in the same way that love develops and matures, with poetic expression opening a door to understanding and forming a basis for introspection and realization.

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About Brucearlenwasserman

Bruce Arlen Wasserman assembled his first poetry manuscript at the age of seventeen and farmed and worked as a blacksmith in his twenties. He received a BA in Mass Communications from Winona State University and an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. His literary career has spanned work in news and periodicals, as a freelancer and an editor. His publications include a 2011 poetry collection, An Undiscovered Country (Horace Simerman Literary Press). His poem, “The Wet on Milan Street,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His poem, “Elegy for My Father,” was chosen for inclusion in the Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology, 2017, and his short story, “The Almost Living,” was selected as a semi-finalist for the 2017 Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers. His Poem, "Louisiana Life" will appear in the Spring/Summer, 2018 edition of the Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review. Bruce is a Literary Critic for the New York Journal of Books and the Washington Independent Review of Books, creates visual art as a potter, performs as a musician in a band, works with horses and is a dentist in clinical practice.
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